Hedgebrook Residency

Back from a February residency at Hedgebrook and I'm still not sure it was real: my own private cabin on Whidbey Island for four whole weeks? The gift of unlimited writing time and "radical hospitality," surrounded by mythic woods and a legacy of "women authoring change"? Evening readings in the library. Wine and Scrabble. Ridiculously fresh, nourishing, tailored-to-our-allergies farmhouse meals (the chefs ask for your comfort foods--cheese, obviously, and pancakes with real maple syrup--and then they make them).

My computer crashed on Day 1, but even tech fails couldn't drag me down. I wrote a poem by hand. I went for long runs along Double Bluff Beach and the Deer Lagoon Estuary. I found a book theme song. Best of all, I wrote and wrote and shared company with inspiring women writers and thinkers you should Google and read immediately because these ladies are shakers: Melissa Chadburn, Kimberle Crenshaw, Amber Flame, Carolyn Forché, Kate Gray, Ladee Hubbard, Brionne Janae, Andrea Merkowitz, Ruby Hansen Murray, Joshunda Sanders, Anastacia Tolbert. 

Fullest gratitude to these gifted writers, the generous Hedgebrook staff, and founder Nancy Nordhoff, for everything.


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