I offer private writing consultation, manuscript critique, copyediting and coaching services, in addition to one-on-one Scrivener writing software tutorials. I am available in person and by email/Skype on a freelance basis. Contact me for inquiries and further details.

Consultation & Coaching

The Epistolary Essay

Thursdays, April 12-May 3, 5-7pm - Hugo House  - Spring 2018

All Levels | Dear Reader: You’ve heard the lament that “no one writes letters anymore.” But our very nostalgia for the form—and the collapse of the public/private divide—is fueling a resurgence in the Information Age. In this course, we’ll explore the ancient art of correspondence, and how structure, specific audience, and direct address can energize our writing. Prepare to read and write a range of epistles—from open letters to diaries, satire to hate mail, maybe even a love letter or two (sincerely).

Introduction to Scrivener

Saturday, April 28, 1-4pm - Hugo House  - Spring 2018

Writers swear by it. Macworld calls it “the biggest software tool for writers since the word processor.” Whether you’re a blogger, novelist, screenwriter, or poet, Scrivener can streamline writing at every stage—but it can also be intimidating. In this seminar, we’ll cover Scrivener basics, discuss customization according to your project needs, and learn approachable tools and tips. Participants should bring a laptop and download a free trial before class. Students will receive a 20% discount on Scrivener software after registering. *This workshop is full.

The Micro Essay

Tuesdays, January 9-Feb 13th, 5-7pm - Hugo House - Winter 2018

Between Twitter and wall feeds, blogs and Brevity, some of the most exciting contemporary writing is happening in the space between 140 characters and 1,000 words. In this six-week generative course, we’ll explore the ranges of short-form nonfiction, learn how restraint and constraint can enhance the power of prose, and practice the art of economy in our own micro essays, inspired by readings and prompts. *This workshop is full.

The Anti-Workshop

Tuesdays, March 7 - April 11, 5-7pm - Hugo House - Spring 2017

This course is a pilot light to the creative spark, a reminder of why we write in the first place: to play with words, invent, connect, reflect, record, and imagine. We’ll explore writing as creative expression and contemplative practice, mining unexpected sources to inspire new writing and energize the old. Judgment is off the table: the idea is to return to the source, shake things up, and find your flow state. All genres welcome. *This workshop is full.